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Welcome to a site devoted to uncovering secret information from the past. These pages detail research that all originated in one burning question: "Who wrote Shakespeare?" When first confronted with that question, sometime in the mid-1980s, I had no idea of the depth of the rabbit-hole into which it would take me.

Starting with the contention that the man from Stratford Upon Avon was in every way unqualified to have been the author of the famous plays and poems, it was a short leap to suspect that the true author, whoever he or she was, would want to set the record straight. This would imply the presence of information concealed within Shakespeare's works by cryptographic means.

Initially, I followed the path of gematria, which is a method of concealing information in a piece of text by substituting letters for numbers. I set about to discover the system of gematria of the English language. While the gematria of Hebrew ancient Greek, Arabic and some other languages was well-documented, knowledge of English gematria seemed to be lost. However, I found out that it wasn't totally unknown but deeply buried and only transmitted in secret between the initiates of certain traditions.



In 2004, I was the first person in 473 years to publish and draw attention to the main gematria code of English. I went on to document how its use underpins the symbols of Freemasonry. When I applied my gematria knowledge to Shakespeare's Sonnets, I found enough evidence to convince me that I was on the right track, but there was clearly something else missing.

It was around 2002 that I made my next big breakthrough. When I put the first letter of every line in the Sonnets into a 14 x 154 grid, I discovered the acrostic message, "KIT MARLOWE WROTE THIS". It had always been my main hypothesis that Christopher Marlowe - who apparently died 12 days before the name Shakespeare was first appended to a piece of writing - was the actual author of the works. The utter genius of the acrostic message became apparent to me when I realised that it is double encrypted by means of gematria. There is a certain measure of irregularity in the construction of the acrostic, and while this would normally invalidate a simple acrostic, I was able to demonstrate the irregularity serves a very sophisticated purpose. The selection of the line numbers from which it is constructed creates an exquisite and rigorously consistent geometric signature based on the name "Christopher Marlowe".

In 2005, I wrote a book Shakespear's Sonnets - Written by Kit Marlowe detailing the acrostic message and also showing how Marlowe's name is encrypted at key locations within the Sonnets by means of gematria. Despite some extremely positive reviews by those few who read it, the book did not catch on. Reasons for this include the fact that it was only available as a PDF download from my website, and I had no idea how to market it. I also think that at some deeper level I realised that there was a great deal more to discover, and therefore the project was not ripe for a wholehearted launch.

In recent years, I have made a great advance in my understanding of the way the Sonnets are coded. For example, I have discovered certain of the sonnets can be letter-gridded in their entirety to reveal both cryptograms and pictograms. I have also found a mathematically perfect scheme of geometry underlying the gematria of the dedication and cover page(s) of the Sonnets. In fact, the discoveries I have made go well beyond the scope of a single book.

The first fruit of this new research is reported in Recknynge Time for the Bard. This details the main codes in the Sonnets that reveal Marlowe's authorship. I will follow this up with a second book unlocking codes in certain sonnets which refer to specific friends. I also intend to address the substantial body of Hermetic symbolism hidden beneath the surface of the Sonnets. This constitutes a most significant masterwork within the Western esoteric tradition.




Important Note

From 2004 to 2018 my website was known as "Peter's Gematria Site" and hosted at the domain In that year, the domain host sold the domain to a third party without making any attempt to notify me. I only discovered when I found myself unable to access or update my site. The new owner cloned 98% of the content of my website and hosted it on the same domain in flagrant breech of copyright. I sought legal advice and spent what money I could afford to seek redress. Unfortunately my pockets were not deep enough to achieve any success. The world's leading search engine agreed with my lawyer on two separate occasions that the website was blatantly plagiarising my work, but they inexplicably deigned to delist it from their search results.


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