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Welcome to a site devoted to uncovering new information about the past. In these pages you will find two main sections:

The first is Academic and contains published research primarily concerned with investigating the boundaries between the Shakespeare myth and the reality of who Shakespeare actually was. My contention is that the Colossus of Stratford upon Avon stands on perilously weak foundations, and that if the cement of wishful thinking were to be dissolved in the acid of critical research, the whole monument would come crashing to the ground. While the myth would crumble into dust, Shakespeare's glorious and incomparable work would not merely stand firm but become immeasurably enriched by being reunited with the genius who created it and placed within its actual historical context.



The second section, which I label Speculative, is essentially a legacy website and contains research concerned with the historical and cultural application of gematria. Between 2004 and 2018, my research was presented on my website - Peter's Gematria Site. In 2018, this site was hijacked: the domain was taken from me and the entire contents were cloned by the plagiarist who took it over. The material on this site, representing work dating between 1994 and 2009, investigates the historical background to the use of gematria in the English language, and in particular the way it is used in Freemasonry. It was, and remains, my belief that Shakespeare's Sonnets embody highly sophisticated numerological patterning that can only be fully understood by means of gematria.




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