This is actually the code for all the modern European languages based on Latin/Roman script. It was originally presented in a book written in Latin. I designate it the "L" or "Long" code of English as it is a tiered or hierarchical code (9 units - 9 tens - 9 hundreds) like the main codes for Greek and Hebrew.



Letter Value
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
F 6
G 7
H 8
I 9
K 10
L 20
M 30
N 40
O 50
P 60
Q 70
R 80
S 90
T 100
U 200
X 300
Y 400
Z 500
J 600
V 700
Hi/J * 800
W 900

These gematria values are recorded in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1532), Book II: chapter xx.

The Latin based code appears a bit irregular when presented in this way. The reason for this is that it is based on the 23 letter Latin alphabet. The additional letters 'J', 'V', 'Hi' and 'W' ('Hu') were recognised as representative of separate sounds and used to increase the alphabet to 27 letters - and three tiers of nine digits.

An online calculator for this code is available here, albeit with the product misnamed 'Jewish gematria'.


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 * Hi/J represents a soft/aspirated 'J' sound - Hierusalem/Jerusalem. I treat this as an obsolete letter in English.


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