These gematria values are recorded in Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1532), Book II: chapter xviii.

In the Greek cabala the obsolete letter digamma may be substituted for the two letters 'st' where they occur together (See, K. Barry, The Greek Qabalah, Samuel Weiser Inc., ME, 1999, p.217). This gives a combined value of 6 rather than 500. Thus a word like Σταυρος (cross) has a value of either 1271 or 777.

The rule of Colel allows for the addition or subtraction of one digit to or from a computed total.

Letter Value Name Transliteration
Α α 1 Αλφα a
Β β 2 Βητα b
Γ γ 3 Γαμμα g
Δ δ 4 Δελτα d
Ε ε 5 Εψιλον e
(ς' 6 Διγαμμα st)
Ζ ζ 7 Ζητα z
Η η 8 Ητα e
Θ θ 9 Θητα th
Ι ι 10 Ιωτα i
Κ κ 20 Καππα k
Λ λ 30 Λαμδα l
Μ μ 40 Μυ m
Ν ν 50 Νυ n
Ξ ξ 60 Ξι x
Ο ο 70 Ο μικρον o
Π π 80 Πι p
Ρ ρ 100 Ρω r
Σ σ ς 200 Σιγμα s
Τ τ 300 Ταυ t
Υ υ 400 Υψιλον y / u
Φ φ 500 Φι ph
Χ χ 600 Χι ch
Ψ ψ 700 Ψι ps
Ω ω 800 Ω μεγα o
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