The Eye of Horus
Time for a Reckoning
The Eye of Horus


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On 30th May 1593, Christopher Marlowe was brutally murdered in a fight over a tavern bill . . . or so the story goes. Just 12 days later, the name William Shakespeare was recorded for the first time as a writer. Venus and Adonis was described as ‘the first heir of my invention’, but the style is all Marlowe’s. What if it was Marlowe’s? What if the infamous Deptford Reckoning was a ruse orchestrated by Marlowe’s friends to help him escape torture and execution as a heretic?

These questions have driven Peter Bull’s research for over 30 years. Convinced that Shakespeare’s Sonnets held the key to the perennial ‘Shakespeare authorship question’, Bull began to explore Rosicrucian and Masonic codes. In 2004, he was the first person to uncover and publish the primary gematria code of the English language. He was able to demonstate this code underpins all the symbols of Freemasonry. Now, he uses the same key to unlock the mystery of who wrote Shakespeare.

If extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, Bull provides this in over-plus. An acrostic message stating Kit Marlowe wrote the Sonnets is supported by no less than six integrated cryptograms. In strategic lines and sonnets, details are revealed as specific as the full name of the man who put a knife through his skull and the churchyard where his own name was buried alongside a substitute corpse. The evidence is so consistent and so abundant, it will shake the study of English literature to its foundations.

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