The companion's jewel to the Royal Arch degree

The Royal Arch


The companion jewel to the Royal Arch degree

Agrippa's code helps us to understand why the Masons like to refer to, 'The Great Pyramid', as, 'Osiris's Sepulchre' - the former is valued at 890 and the latter 889 (the rule of colel renders the two values equal). The Greek words for The Sepulchre are Το Μνημειον and these are identified with the name Royal Arch by virtue of a shared gematria total of 643. The side length in feet of the Great Pyramid is 756 - and this number is the gematria value of The Royal Arch.

In the Royal Arch degree the candidate has to pass the four veils of the ancient tabernacle that represent the kingdoms of the four elements. This may well be an allusion to the four slots in the walls of the antechamber to the 'King's Chamber' in the Great Pyramid. The first of these is occupied by the 'Granite Leaf', upon which is found the only inscribed figure in the entire Pyramid, an arch shaped boss - the original Royal Arch, perhaps. C.C. Zain (1) gives the following passwords for each veil: at the veil of Saturn (Gnomes) the password is, 'I am that I am'; at the veil of Jupiter (Undines) the passwords are, 'Ham', 'Shem' and 'Japhet'; at the veil of Mars (Salamanders) the passwords are, 'Shem', 'Japhet' and 'Adoniram'; at the veil of Uranus (Sylphs) the passwords are, 'Haggai', 'Joshua' and 'Zerubbabel'.

The gematria total of these passwords is 4156. This happens to be the value (-1) of the 'royal hero' in Revelation 19, 16, Βασιλευς βασιλεων και κυριος κυριων - 'King of kings and Lord of lords'. When presented as a Seal of Solomon, a Royal Arch symbol, this fits in a circle exactly 800 in diameter and 2513 in circumference. 800 is the value of Κυριος - 'Lord' and 2513 (-1) the value of the Omnific Royal Arch Word, which is actually three words, 'Jahbuhlun Jehovah God'.


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1) C.C. Zain, Ancient Masonry - The Spiritual Meaning of Masonic Degrees, Rituals and Symbols, The Churcvh of Light, L.A., 1994, pp.186-188.


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