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The Eye of Horus


Please note: I don't find the nitty gritty of my personal history all that interesting, so broad brush strokes are all you are getting! Make of it what you will.

Born in 1962, not far from the home of the pork pie

Age 1-7 - Raised in an unheated house on 150 acres of East Midlands clay

Age 7-13 - Banished to a boarding school in Northamptonshire

Age 13-18 - Relocated to similar in Shakespeare’s own county

1981-4 - The student. Off to Devon on the hollow pretext of Geography. More time spent gaining intimacy with local geography than that of the lecture-hall.

1984-94 - The romantic years. Travelled a bit, drove a taxi, installed double-glazing, roved the countryside with a camera in one hand and rope in the other, attempted to self-educate but became preoccupied with Sigmund Freud and caught a nasty dose of SD (‘Shakespeare doubt’). Wrote the great Freud novel. Had the great Freud novel rejected by some of the finest publishing houses in the realm.



1994-2005 - Family matters. Packed my bags and went off in a sulk to Constantinople. Taught English, fell in love, got married on the billows of the Bosphorus, went south and started a family beside the sunny Mediterranean sea.

2005-22 - Money matters. Decamped to the emirate of Sharjah on the Arabian Gulf, where the streets are paved with gold (of sable hue), to seek my fortune and a cure. Taught English in a little Academy. Sadly unable to find the said streets (sense of geography none the best) nor any cure for the Shakespeare itch.

2022- Return to sunny Anatolia and the quiet life - but for the brai-fever chirping of the cicadas in summer. Will I now be able to free myself of the Shakespeare 'thing'? Only time will tell . . .



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