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Tired with a Peacock's Tail: All Eyes on the Upstart Crow
An examination of the sentence at the heart of Greene's Groats-worth of Witte that has traditionally been claimed to identify Shakespeare as the target of attack. I argue that the real target was Edward Alleyn.

Marlowe and the Cabala: A Cabalistic and Numerological Subtext to Tamburlaine. A paper based on a presentation I made at the 'Fifth International Marlowe Conference', held at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, 30th June 2003.


Kit Marlowe Wrote Shakespeare’s Sonnets? This essay, which can be downloaded as a pdf file, was entered for the 2008 Calvin and Rose G Hoffman Prize. In it I present the discovery of an acrostic message "Kit Marlowe Wrote This" in Shakespeare's Sonnets.



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